Sledding dogs


Rides in the Quebec City region

Important notice

The only activity available this winter at the Lac-Beauport outfitter is dog sledding. Ice fishing and snowshoeing activities will not be available exceptionally this winter. Please note that the dog sledding activities will be provided by TOURS QUÉBEC. Pourvoirie du Lac-Beauport does not assume responsibility for damages or losses that may arise from this activity. All complaints must be addressed to TOURS QUÉBEC.

Explore the winter wilderness!

The mountain offers feeling of freedom when you are driving your team of sled dogs under the watchful eye of a musher (guide). Just behind him, the adventure that gives you every curve, rise and fall with your dog allows you to enjoy the highest degree those unforgettable moments with family and enter friendly. You have the chance to enjoy nature through snowy trails and feel the exhilarating pleasure of control of your sled.

Learn to team up with Huskies

During training, you will learn how to team up with your huskies and you're ready to try a new outdoor experience safely. You have a different vision of the animal world when you see these beautiful Husky playful, energetic and ready to hike. The euphoria was at its height when the best friend of man jumping for joy on the starting line. What's better than a good cuddle on arrival for the reward of a well-made output. Imagine the laughter, even better, relive that experience by reviewing some photos you captured by our photographer.


Time of departure

  • 9h00, 11h00, 13h30 and 15h00
  • Arrive 30 minutes before departure time to receive training.


  • Arrive 30 minutes before departure time to receive training.
  • Two (2) people per sled.
  • Bring a blanket for young children.
  • The minimum age to drive a sled is 14 years.
  • Children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by an adult sitting in the sled.
  • **The guide may choose not to have a person over the age of 14 drive for safety reasons.

Interested in this activity?


For each ride: a 15 minutes training is included.

$100 / 1 hour ride
  • One hour dog ride
  • 15 minute briefing
  • A postcard with the photo of the dogs
  • Coffee or hot chocolate included
  • Visit to the kennels - puppies
  • * High season dynamic price: Maximum $150. From December 17 to January 5 and from February 17 to March 5.
  • * Special price for groups
from 2 to 9 years
  • 2 to 4 years : $10 / child
  • 5 to 9 years : $50
  • 10 years and older : Adulte rate

Special rates for groups

15% discount for groups or families Dynamic pricing may change without notice Contact us for more detail

Shuttle bus

Shuttle offer $120 - 1 or 2 people $150 - 3 to 6 people Maximum 6 people Round trip from Vieux-Québec


**Note: our prices are subject to change without notice.

Super lieu pour faire du chien de traineaux ! Accueil très chaleureux, les chiens sont super bien traités et les mushers très sympathiques. Nous avons pu jouer avec les chiots, nous recommandons vivement !
M. Grt
Très belle aventure,nous avons adoré cette belle balade à traîneaux. Un grand merci à notre Musher qui nous a fait partager sa passion pour son métier et ces chiens. Nous reviendrons.
M. Loyrion