Summer and winter near Quebec City

Speckled trout and rainbow trout in summer...

By the spring, fishermen are eager to get their cane fly rod and light tackle. This is the expected time to capture beautiful shots on one of our lakes reserved for thrills. In this lake you can hope to catch a trout weighing between 454 g and 2 kg (1 pound and 5 pounds) and length between 28 cm and 66 cm (12 inches and 26 inches). The excitement is at its height when you try to catch one jumping out of the water. Small trout lovers and families will be happy fishing in another lake which contains some smaller fish. These are fun to catch, ranging in length from 20 cm to 25 cm (8 inches to 10 inches). Two or three trout together weight an average of 1 pound.

In winter also…

From mid-December to mid-March, our fishermen are delighted to enjoy this time of fishing on the frozen body of water. We rent small fishing rods made for ice fishing and you have an amazing chance of catching some trout. In addition, it is very fun to watch nearby departures of dog sledding and watch children near lake slide down the hill. You can take a break in the warm reception pavilion of the outfitter and enjoy the opportunity to enjoy a hot drink to warm you up. Our guides are always on hand to welcome you, advise you and help you need. Service equipment rental is available in any season and an evisceration service is available on site during the summer season.


Opening hours

  • 8:00 to 18:00 pm every day
  • Friday, saturday and sunday evening until 21:00


  • No catch and release.
  • Fishing without boat walking around natural lakes.
  • Fishing license not required.

Family Fishing

After sharing a few fishing and safety tips with one of our experienced guides, the fun begins! Time flies and you will keep some memories with your family. The site is ideal to help you child learn de basics of fishing in a friendly environment. Take your time to have fun with them. Extend the day and plan a picnic with your family. Young and old will be happy to visit the site and they have the chance to pet the horses and the husky puppies.

Fishing for all

Retired persons or with reduced mobility
La Pourvoirie du Lac-Beauport is a beautiful place surrounded by nature in a deciduous forest in the heart of a small valley. Here you can fish quietly and walk along lakes without any engine noise. An ideal place for families and people with reduced mobility, as some parts of the field are naturally equipped to facilitate fishing without obstacles and mosquitoes. Everything will be quiet around you, you will people riding horses, eagles, wild ducks, puppies and cats. If necessary, our guides will be pleased to assist you.

Fishing over…

When your fishing is complete, your catch is weighed and placed in plastic bags with ice to facilitate the return home. After spending an unforgettable day family fun, you will surely have a smile on your face when you will enjoy your trout at home.

Reservation not required

It is not necessary to reserve for fishing, except for groups of 15 or more people book fishing rods.


During your visit, we will lend you a basket, a draws for fishing and a wipe for your hands. At any time, our tour guides will be available for training or for assistance. Free fishing activity. You only pay for the fish you catch. Fishing rod rental and bait not included.

  • Rainbow trout per pound
  • Fishing rods rental on-site
  • Baits (worms, corn or shrimps)
  • Cleaning, by the fish
  • Fishing guides on saturdays and sundays
  • No reservation necessary
  • No fishing licence required
Cooking on site
  • BBQ x 2hr
  • Gaz included
  • Picnic tablecloth


**Note: our prices are subject to change without notice.

Excellent service ! Prix très abordables j'y ai été avec mes trois enfants en bas de 10 ans et ils ont adoré. Les poissons sautaient et c'était une très belle expérience que mes enfants n'oublieront pas de sitôt.
S. Larouche
Wow, c'était super. Toute la famille a adoré pêcher de la belle et bonne truite. Merci pour votre bel accueil, et votre aide afin de rendre le tout plus agréable et facile pour toute la famille. À bientôt!
S. Bernatchez